The Bad

Avoid these obstacles at all costs or might not be able to defend Jungle Jaxx’s rainforest home from the evil logging invaders.


Spiked Logs

These logs have been booby-trapped by evil invaders threatening Jungle Jaxx’s home. They’re covered with spikes and will inflict pain if you don’t miss them.


Flying Chainsaws

Careful when encountering these deadly chainsaws. They keep flying at you even when you stop running or walking. They’re sure to ruin Jungle Jaxx’s day if he collides with one.



Not only are these bull dozers plowing down vast expansions of rainforest  and wreaking havoc on Ape Jaxx’s jungle rainforest home but they’re also not afraid to plow down Jungle Jaxx too. Luckily Jungle Jaxx has some surprises up his sleeve, like the banana shooters. Though it may take multiple shots to destroy this metal beast.


Giant Circular Saw Blades

You’ll often find these menacing circular saw blades bouncing along making it difficult to pass them.


Canon Balls

As if the typical logging equipment wasn’t hazardous enough in the hands of an evil logging company, this dastardly logging company has resorted to using canons and canon balls to fight there way into Jungle Jaxx’s rainforest home.


Massively Giant Bombs

Approach these massive bombs with caution and care. There fuse may cause them to detonate at any moment. And if you happen to touch one it will explode instantly.


Bundles of TNT

The wicked logging company is using TNT to uproot massive rainforest trees. And they’ll likely use the TNT to try and stop Jungle Jaxx from succeeding.


Use Jungle Jaxx’s special abilities to overcome and pass these obstacles. You can trade gold coins for special abilities in the shop. Or you can snag some special abilities in many of the levels.