The Good

Here are some of the objects you you’ll encounter, that will assist you, along your journey to help Jungle Jaxx defend his jungle rainforest home. When obtained from game play, the special abilities listed below on this page will activate instantly. But when you trade gold coins for them in the Jungle Jaxx game shop, you’ll be able to activate and use them whenever you need. Just use the blue and red buttons on the right to scroll through and activate special abilities you obtained in the game shop.


Gold Coins

Collect or buy coins to trade for lives, invincibility, and more.



Banana Shooters

Grabbing this bunch of bananas will allow Jungle Jaxx to shoot bananas at obstacles to destroy them. You can get banana shooters during game playing in certain levels. Or you can trade coins for banana shooters in the game shop, so that you can use them in any level. Once activated or obtained Jungle Jaxx will have 20 seconds of fire power.



Free Life Coin

If you find this special coin you’ll get a free life if you can snag it. You can also trade coins for free lives in the game shop.



Mad Gem

This gem will make you invincible for a limited period of time. You can obtain it during game play or you can trade gold coins for Mad Gems in the game shop.

we don’t know why these ruby-like gems make Jungle Jaxx so mad. All we know is that these anger him so much that even a bulldozer is no match for Jungle Jaxx.



Jump Boost

This special coin will boost Jungle Jaxx’s ability to jump high over obstacles and reach coins at the top of the screen. The Jump Boost coin and be obtained in certain levels. Or you can trade gold coins for Jump Boosts in the game shop.



Mystery Coin

Snag one of these flashing coins for a surprise. Will it be the banana shooter? Or invinicibility? Or gold coins?



10K Bonus Coins

Increase your score by 10,000 every time you snag a 10K Bonus Coin. Not only will you need to snag these to obtain the highest score, but you also need these to get 3 stars at the completion of each level.